Indian Startup to Launch the Completely Online Pre-IBDP Course

Callido Learning is an edtech startup founded by young entrepreneurs from Brown University and the University of Warwick.

Edtech startup founded by Ivy League graduates.

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Callido’s first product, Callido Basecamp – an online preparatory course for students entering the IB Diploma– is launching worldwide this July.

Madhu Agrawal, co-founder of Callido Learning, is an ex-IB student herself and has recently moved back to India after working with a Magic Circle law firm in London. In a brief conversation, she shared Callido’s motivation for launching this programme: “Due to the intensity of the Diploma Programme, IB teachers around the world bemoan their inability to cover the syllabus and develop the required skills at the same time. Basecamp seemed like a natural solution.”

Callido Basecamp equips students with the key skills they need to excel in the IB Diploma – critical thinking, research, communication and time management skills. The course is designed by leading names in the IBDP teaching community, IB examiners and DP Coordinators, making it a unique offering that the founders believe will gear students up for the programme and give them a significant, enduring advantage.

“Basecamp is structured in a very interactive way that will keep students engaged and will help them build critical skills through immersive scenarios and challenging exercises. The online platform makes it flexible – take it anywhere, anytime. Rewind, retry, and explore at your own pace. The data analytics and personalized reports will allow students and parents to track progress,” says co-founder Chinmaya Kulkarni, who takes pride in teaching 21st century skills with the fun and power of tech platforms. “It prepares students for careers that don’t even exist today”.

The subscriptions to the course are now open and interested students can visit the website for more information.

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