How do Callido Students become EE Champions?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Hear it firsthand from students all over the world!

"Today's session was helpful and gave good insight into how to frame a research question and how to differentiate between a broad or a narrow topic. We also discussed the EE criterion and how to evidence critical thinking in the EE. The EE Companion will make the process more organised and help me with keeping up with deadlines, along with how to go about finalizing the research question and methodology."

DP1 Student, Akshar Arbol International School

"The session was helpful and my key takeaways were: Selecting an RQ should be specific in terms that help create a good aim, experiment or model and finally draw a sensible conclusion. Additionally another take away for me was that planning matters a lot in EE. Research tool (by Callido) is very useful in organizing my sources for EE. The EE Companion will help me stay relevant as sometimes I pull away from the structure/rubric. And also help me stay focused and provide a good platform to practice organizational skills."

DP1 Student, HUS Chennai

"I learnt a lot about the EE. The session actually got me quite excited for the EE and made me think of various topics I had not considered before. The EE does not seem nearly as intimidating as it was before. The research tool will be helpful for organizing the copious amounts of research articles needed to write the 4000-word essay."

DP1 Student, Greenwood High International School

"As a person who doesn't fare well with huge deadlines, and vague goals and instructions, this really helps me break my work down into small, workable targets that motivates me to be productive, and maintain timely submissions of good quality work."

DP1 Student, Shiv Nadar School Noida

"Today's session was extremely informative and interactive. The key takeaway was how Callido helps us become more effective in planning our research proposal. The EE Companion will help me be more prepared and keep track of my deadlines. Moreover, the tool would also help me look at the task in small chunks, rather than looking at it as a big project, which will help be more focused."

DP1 Student, Pathways School Gurgaon

"I am looking forward to the fact that I will be able to research by myself and create an actual research paper based on it. Since my EE subject is my personal favourite I'm really looking forward to an in-depth learning process to get to know more on the subject with the help of Callido. I found the session very helpful. It was actually very relatable to the challenges that we face in IB. I feel that the research tool and EE companion not only made the EE process easier but also made it less scary."

DP1 Student, Greenwood High International School

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